Clay's Waba Applications

I've begun writing small applications using Waba. It is a programming environment that overlaps a lot with Java, but it's very "lean and mean", allowing development of small applications for mobile devices like PalmOS and Windows CE devices. To run Waba programs, you need a special Waba VM or any Java VM. Waba VM's are available for PalmOS and Windows CE. These programs run under a standard Java VM using a special Applet class.

If you are interested in developing for mobile applications, I highly recommend that you check out Waba.


My first application is a simple video poker game I developed in order to learn programming with Waba (and because I like video poker). It's designed to work on any platform--you can even play it on this web page--but it looks best on PalmOS due to the use of card suit symbols instead of "D", "H", "C", and "S" for the suits.

Here are the binaries for the portable versions of the game:

To run, install both WabaPoker files (for PalmOS, WabaPoker.prc and WabaPoker.pdb; for WinCE, WabaPoker.wrp and WabaPoker.lnk). Also be sure you have the WabaVM installed (it's included in the files above if you need it, or you can get it here). PalmOS Installation instructions and Windows CE Installation instructions for the Waba VM are available from the Wabasoft web site.

Let me know what you think of it, or if you have any questions or problems. If you want to see the source code, drop me a line and I'll make it available.

The applet

Palm IIIx Screen Shot

screenshot image