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This is a list of statistics resources I have discovered on the World Wide Web (WWW). I hope you will find them useful. If you know of (or maintain) a statistics resource on the Web that you don't see here, please drop me a line to let me know about it, and I'll take a look at it. Enjoy!

Note: this site, and my expertise, have to do with statistical methods. You won't find any information here about:

Or other related questions. For answers, you might try Media Metrix or DoubleClick. I also can't tell you how many ophthamologists there are in Montana, or how many people visited Disneyland in 1997, or what the most popular brand of fish sticks is. For those, try LEXIS-NEXIS or DIALOG. Also see Paula Berenstein's nice book, Finding Statistics Online, which deals with such questions much better than I could.

Professional Organizations

The American Association for the Advancement of Science
Home page for AAAS. Information on membership, sections, science policy, and their flagship journal, Science.
American Mathematical Society
American Mathematical Society's home page. Gives info on membership, activities, and other useful things like employment opportunities and a preprint server.
American Society for Quality (formerly American Society for Quality Control)
Offers information for those interested in quality issues. Site includes links for membership, calendar, a quality glossary, and information on Standards and Certification.
American Statistical Association
A very active professional organization for statisticians, ASA now has a home page. They have info on membership, upcoming events, publications, meetings, etc.
The Bernoulli Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability
The Bernoulli Society is a section of the International Statistical Institute focusing on probability and mathematical statistics. Links to membership info and meetings.
Classification Society of North America
The Classification Society of North America (CSNA) is a nonprofit interdisciplinary organization whose purposes are to promote the scientific study of classification and clustering (including systematic methods of creating classifications from data), and to disseminate scientific and educational information related to its fields of interests.
--Taken from the intro to the page
Institute of Mathematical Statistics
This is the IMS homepage. Contains info on membership, publications, meetings, etc. Also contains a list of statistics links.
Royal Statistical Society
RSS home page. Includes links to RSS news, conferences, membership info, committees, etc. Also includes a link to the RSS Centre for Statistical Education.
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
SIAM home page. Includes the standard links to membership info, conferences, publications, and career information (nice because it allows online browsing of job listings from their newsletter, SIAM News). Also some links to other math sites. The home page is graphics intensive, so be prepared to wait if using a slow Internet connection. (This is true only for the main home page--other pages at this site seem to be mostly text and transfer pretty quickly.)
Statistical Society of Canada
SSC home page. Includes links to membership lists, by-laws, meetings, and their journal, Canadian Journal of Statistics

Institutes and Consulting Groups

Center for Biomedical Modeling Research (at the University of Nevada School of Medicine)
This site is a good place to look for biomedical applications. Includes information on datasets, software, neural networks, and even funding sources.
CTI Centre for Statistics
This site at the University of Glasgow focuses on learning technologies in higher education. They also have a list of statistics links.
Good Decision, Ltd.
Provides training and consultancy in decision support and general data analysis. They also redistribute several statistics-oriented software packages.
Health Science Research Design and Statistics Unit
Provides statistical support for researchers in the School of Nursing and the Medical School at the University of Wisconsin.
Hurter Associates
Consulting in statistics, as well as papermaking.
Institute for Business and Industrial Statistics at the University of Amsterdam (IBIS UvA)
Consulting group specializing in SPC, Quality Control, and general statistical consulting. Page offers links to members of the group, their customers, research, courses, etc.
International Statistical Applications Institute
This non-profit organization promotes conferences and short courses for those who apply statistical methods to industrial problems. They also have a series of publications, including one by yours truly about pitfalls of data analysis.
International Statistical Institute
This is the home page for the ISI, based in the Netherlands. Includes info from their newsletter, a section on upcoming events, and a statement of professional ethics.
JJT Information Architects
This consulting group specializes in developing custom solutions for data analysis, reporting, and data warehousing. They offer a software product called Maestro for working with large datasets in SAS. They also offer a wide range of consulting services.
Lumina Decision Systems, Inc.
This company specializes in software for decision modeling and support. The document contains info on decision and risk analysis, operations research, and artificial intelligence.
Objectives Management Group
This consulting group specializes in "Quality and Productivity Engineering". Provides support for industrial statistics for quality control and experimental design. A sample of their Quality Control software can be downloaded.
Spring Systems
This group provides software and consulting for market research. Their web site offerings include demos of their software packages for perceptual mapping, statistical analysis, and marketing simulation.
Statistical Designs
This group specializes in design of experiments (DOE) consulting. They offer consulting services, short courses, and software. There is even a free online short course, Introduction and Rounding.
University Associates of Princeton
This group provides training in data analysis and modeling. You can find course listings, schedules, information on fees, and you can download course outlines in RTF format.
The Virtual Statistician
Adrian Esterman from down under offers advice and consultation via email or phone.
Westat, Inc.
Provides statistical support to various government agencies, educational institutions, and businesses in the Washington, D.C. area. The company is employee owned, and offers free software for data analysis.
Working Group Structural Equation Modeling
A nice resource for structural equation modeling. Includes pointers to SEM software makers, some publications, and information on meetings, and a list of members of the working group.

Educational Resources

Academic Assistance Access
This organization maintains several mailing lists to providing advice and tutoring for various content areas, including statistics. Also maintains a list of pertinent links to other academic resources on the web.
Advanced Statistics and Optimization
This is a very nice page by Eric Maass, geared toward engineering applications of statistics. Includes coverage of statistical distributions, SPC and time series, statistical analysis, experimental design, and optimization. Note: there are a few formatting quirks. The site is hosted by GeoCities, so it has that annoying watermark and pop-up advertisements. Also, the bulk of the content seems to be in the form of slides converted to HTML, but in many cases the conversion was not entirely successful (or at least doesn't appear so in my IE5.0).
Bibliography for Computational Probability and Statistics
This bibliography contains a wealth of resources for computational probability and statistics. Includes web links as well as traditional print references. Thanks to Prof. Hossein Arsham for this list.
CHANCE Database
Contains info on how statistics are used in daily life, providing lots of examples suitable for use in teaching of statistics.
Data and Story Library (DASL) at CMU
A repository of stories and datafiles which illustrate various concepts in statistics and data analysis. Stories are organized both by content area and by methodology employed. Looks like a great teaching resources.
ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation
This is a great reference for educators or anyone who uses tests. Includes links to ERIC searching, a Test locator, and a list of FAQ's about uses of tests, among other things.
Exploring Data
A nice site that covers the basics of exploratory data analysis (EDA). Site includes data files, articles, worksheets, and links as adjuncts to the main material.
The Globally Accessible Statistical Procedures (GASP) Page
A collection of online statistical procedures, which you can access from your web browser. These are actual routines that take data (entered via a form) and return statistical results. Includes some CGI routines and some Java routines.
David Howell's Statistical Page
This is page contains data files, examples, etc. mostly designed for use with two statistics texts written by the Prof. Howell, Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, 3rd ed., and Statistical Methods for Psychology, 3rd ed.
Introduction to Factor Analysis
This page gives a nice overview of factor analysis, as it might be used in chemical analysis problems.
The Introductory Statistics Course: A New Approach
This site features a couple of papers by Don Macnaughton regarding his plan for an improved method of teaching introductory statistics, which he calls the "Entity-Property-Relationship" approach. Interesting reading!
Java Applets for statistics
A nice list of Java applets from around the web which can be used to explore or illustrate statistical concepts. Requires a Java-savvy web browser, e.g. Netscape 2.0 or later.
KD (Knowledge Discovery) Nuggets Directory
This site has lots of information and links related to data mining, or extracting information from large datasets.
Measurement Theory Frequently Asked Questions
Warren Sarle of the SAS Institute has put together this very useful resource reviewing the foundations of measurement, and the relationship between measurement theory and statistics.
Multilevel Models Project
This page deals with multilevel models in general, and their analysis with Harvey Goldstein's MLn software in particular. A useful resource for anyone who deals with hierarchically structured data.
Multimedia Statistics Page
This is an interesting page which uses images and quicktime movies to illustrate statistical concepts. Kudos to Berrie Zielman for putting together this resource.
Multiple Regression with Ren & Stimpy
An amusing site which enlists our cartoon heroes to aid the "Graduate Student" (complete with mortarboard, sunglasses, and a smoke hangin' out of his mouth) in explaining multiple regression in the context of usability testing. IMO, the Ren and Stimpy graphics get annoying after a little while, but I'm all in favor of spicing up statistics education, so I won't complain too loudly. ;-)
National Academy of Sciences (USA)
Home page of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and the National Research Council. Resources are broken down by content area. Lots of publications to be found here.
Portraits of Statisticians
This fascinating site includes portraits (i.e. photos and/or paintings) of many famous statisticians. Most of the statisticians featured are historical (i.e. dead), but many contemporary statisticians are featured as well. If you've always wondered what Rev. Bayes or Sir R. A. Fisher looked like, here's your chance to find out!
Probability Puzzles
This is a nice list of puzzles to sharpen your probability skills. Brought to you by Arlet Ottens.
This is a fantastic resource which gives guidelines for various types of statistical analysis, as well as a basic glossary.
This is a clearinghouse of information on recursive partitioning methods in statistics (more commonly known as "tree-based methods"), including CART, QUEST, C5.0, etc. Includes links to a handy bibliography list and a mailing list devoted to recursive partitioning issues.
Resampling Stats home page
This web site offers info, references, examples and pointers for the method of resampling (related to bootstrapping and the jackknife). Maintained by the makers of Resampling Stats, a program designed for bootstrapping and Monte Carlo simulation.
Research Methods Resources from Arizona State U
This is a nice site offering resources for research in psychology and education. Included is the Visualization Theatre, and the delightful Random Statistics Quote
Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics
A nice site at Rice University, featuring the HyperStat online text, as well as Java applets and other statistical tools and case studies. A nice resource for teaching statistics.
Rich Ulrich's FAQ on Data Analysis
This is a nice page of information about various commonly used statistical techniques. It looks like some of the references were culled from discussions on the statistics newsgroups, though many were written by Rich himself. There is also an updated version.
Scientific visualization bibliography
This is a great list of references for scientific visualization. Available in HTML, RTF, plain text, and tokenized database entries.
Simpson's Paradox
A nice explanation of Simpson's paradox, which basically concerns cases where means of subgroups show a different pattern than the overall means collapsed across groups. Includes some nice examples, both fictitious and real. by Vijay Gupta
This site focuses on helping users get the most out of SPSS. Also has some excel-oriented materials. Note that this site is not affiliated with SPSS Inc.
Statistical Education through Problem Solving (STEPS)
This site offers interactive statistical education software (for Windows or Mac), as well as a very nice online statistics glossary.
Statistics at
This is a nice site that gives an overview of how statistics are used in polling. Designed to help people interpret poll results more accurately.
Statistics Jokes
This page was put together by Gary Ramseyer at Illinois State University, who also put together the Archives of Statistics Fun page, featuring interesting stories and anecdotes.
Statistics to Use
This site has a series of informative pages and online statistical calculators, covering such topics as descriptive statistics, Fisher's exact test, ANOVA, chi-square, and OLS regression.
StatWeb - a guide to basic statistics for biologists
The title pretty much says it all. Covers variables, the more popular statistical distributions, CLT, confidence limits and two-sample tests. Also includes a guide to the Greek alphabet, and a very brief glossary.
STeve's Attempt to Teach Statistics (STATS)
A nice reference put together by Steve Simon. It includes such nice things as "Ask Dr. Mean", where you can submit questions to the good doctor, case studies, and a guide to reading journal articles. Emphasis is on medical statistics.
Survey Research Bibliography
This is a draft of a bibliography on survey research. Looks like a nice list of pointers.
Teach Modules
A set of resources for teaching statistics to undergraduate students, including LispStat routines. From my alma mater, Iowa State University.
UCLA Statistics Dept. Server
List of papers by UCLA Stat faculty, some software demos, and an interesting Hypertext Intro Stat Textbook (currently under construction). Also home of various distribution and density calculators, featuring the latest in web technology, including JavaScript and various creative uses of CGI scripts.
University of Washington Dept. of Statistics
Info on the University of Washington's graduate program in statistics, code, tech-reports, and pointers to other University of Washington sources.
University of Wisconsin Statistics Department
Lots of good stuff from our very own statistics department. Includes tech-reports, software archives, and, for those of us lucky enough to actually be logging in from UW-Madison, an search interface to the Current Index to Statistics. Also lots of links to other sites.
This site contains a selection of statistical methods implemented as JavaScript code in the pages. You can do limited data analysis with these "scriptlets". The pages also show results of intermediate calculations (sums, means, marginal counts for crosstables, etc.), which makes them good for seeing what goes on "under the hood".
The Wavelet Tutorial
Subtitled "the Engineers Ultimate Guide to Wavelet Analysis", this site gives a nice introduction to the subject of wavelets and multiresolution analysis. Nice for beginners, takes you from motivation for frequency-based transforms through Fourier transforms and on to multiresolution analysis.
Will Yancey's Web Site
This site contains a wealth of tax and financial information and references, including some very interesting listings on statistical evidence in litigation and use of sampling in audits.

Statistics courses on the web

Note: My goal is to include links to sites which actually provide teaching materials (e.g. lecture notes, tutorials, practice problems, etc.) on the web. I probably won't link to sites which are merely syllabi or course outlines. If you have questions about this policy, send me email.

Statistics Textbooks on the web


Chapman & Hall
Chapman and Hall was recently acquired by CRC Press. You can find information about Chapman & Hall books and journals at their site.
Current Index to Statistics
This page gives information on how to order the main bibliographic index for statistics. Based at University of Chicago
Duxbury Press
Home page of Duxbury Press, which specializes in industrial statistics and statistics education. Site features an online catalog.
Intellegent Data Analysis
This is a very nice online journal, published by Elsevier Science.
An online statistics journal, published quarterly and offering abstracts and complete articles in PDF or PostScript format.
Journal of Statistics Education
Contains articles from the Journal of Statistics Education (as you might expect), as well as EDSTAT-L (AKA newsgroup and STAT-L (AKA newsgroup sci.stat.consult) archives. Also includes pointers to other discussion groups, software, etc. There is also a Gopher server, which you can try if you have trouble getting through on the Web.
Journal of Statistical Software
The UCLA Statistics department publishes this online journal. Content is self evident from the title.
Marcel Dekker
Dekker publishes lots of fine technical books.
McGraw-Hill publishes numerous statistics textbooks, under their Irwin and WCB banners.
Oxford University Press
Lots of good statistics books here. Note that the above link is to their North American web site. Their official UK website is here.
Sage Publications
This company publishes lots of quantitative books, including those handy little green books, the Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences series.
This company specializes in scientific and technical publishing. Samples of some of their chapters are available in Adobe Acrobat format.
John Wiley & Sons
Well known in the statistics community for their Wiley Series in Probability and Mathematical Statistics, they have a web page featuring information on their publications (including journals), as well as some online offerings. Information on specific titles is available from their online catalog.

Software-oriented Pages

Note: I am currently employed by SPSS, Inc. However, in the information presented below, I have tried to remain objective in providing accurate descriptions of products and web sites. If you see something that you think betrays a bias, please feel free to drop me a note about it. On the other hand, if you ask me for advice about software, I will not hold back my opinions about the products I'm familiar with, including (especially) SPSS.
This is Paul Velleman's highly acclaimed computerized statistics tutorial. At this site you can find the usual info about the software, examples showing how it works, and various teacher support materials.
AMOS Homepage
Has information about the structural equation modeling package AMOS written by James Arbuckle. A very nice, easy to use package. You can specify your model just by drawing it. Also has nice features for handling of missing data. Includes links to a demo version of the software.
Analyse-It for Microsoft Excel
An Excel add-in for Clinical Laboratory research to analyse accuracy, precision and interpret diagnostic test results. Includes Altman-Bland, Deming, Passing & Bablok, Reference ranges, ROC curve, Screening, and NCCLS precision. A demo is available.
The AssiStat
A package that performs a number of useful statistical calculations. Intended for psychologists and other social scientists. A demo is available.
Autobox is a tool for forecasting/time series analysis. Web site includes links to the software as well as documentation and a list of the company's clients. Home page layout is rather bizarre, but with a little poking around you can find what you want without too much trouble.
BMDP, Inc. has been bought out by SPSS, Inc. SPSS is now distributing BMDP products, including BMDP Classic and Diamond (now SPSS Diamond). If you need a BMDP product that SPSS no longer distributes, you might try contacting Statistical Solutions, Ltd. in Cork, Ireland.
Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN)
This is the home of the freeware software package R. R is very similar to S in many respects, and some refer to it as an S clone, though there are some important differences. R is distributed under the GNU copyleft.
Cytel Software
This company specializes in software for exact tests (or permutation tests), typically used with small-sample categorical data. They publish StatXact for general permutation tests, LogXact for exact logistic regression, and EaSt, for planning sequential clinical trials.
This is Paul Velleman's exploratory data analysis tool for the Macintosh. Lots of neat graphics to help you get a handle on relationships in your data. A demo is available for this program.
Purveyors of a handful of statistical and numerical analysis products, including StatMost (statistical analysis), Numerica (numerical analysis), and DataTrix (a spreadsheet-type package).
DBMS/Copy (Conceptual Software)
This very handy software package allows you to convert data from any of a huge variety of formats into any other of a huge variety of formats. This is a must-have tool for heterogeneous statistical computing environments. They also offer a SAS-specific product, DBMS/Engines, which allows SAS users to read and write data in a myriad of formats directly from SAS.
This company publishes software for interval-based calculations, both as an Excel add-in and as a set of C++ libraries.
This is a simple package which specializes in ANOVA/ANCOVA models. Information is also available in German.
This is a Windows stats package. You can download a demo version, which is fully functional except that it only allows 20 variables.
Epi Info information page
Has lots of information about Epi Info, a freeware epidemiological statistics program. The author of this page (Greg Fegan) publishes some books on using Epi Info, and give links to the software itself, as well as other resources for users of the package.
EViews is a forecasting product with an emphasis on econometrics from Quantitative Micro Software (QMS--not to be confused with the printer company).
This is a general statistical package, available for Windows or Mac. Lists a couple of texts as "related book titles", but it's unclear if these books actually refer to this package, or if they just cover some of the methods implemented by the program.
GraphPad Prism combines scientific graphics, nonlinear regression and statistics. GraphPad InStat guides biologists step-by-step through basic statistical tests, with plenty of explanations.
Guide to Available Math Software
This is a resource maintained by NIST. The title pretty much says it all. It offers a useful "problem decision tree" approach to indexing.
Interleap Software
This software specializes in multidimensional data analysis (a la OLAP)--not to be confused with multivariate analysis (which is something quite different). You can request a demo version of their software packages, including Interleap Basics and Interleap Regressions.
Kovach Computing Services
This group provides consulting services, as well as distributing a handful of shareware statistics packages such as SIMSTAT, MVSP, and Oriana. Also includes a list of sites.
This freeware package features extensive matrix computation capabilities, as well as a wide variety of standard statistical methods. Don't be fooled by the name--this package is available for Windows as well as Macintosh, and source code is available if you want to compile it on your UNIX workstation. Documentation is also available if you want to check it out before downloading.
This program offers 1D and 2D wavelet analysis (a form of multiresolution frequency analysis) for Macintosh users. A demo version is available, and the manual is available online.
MAREG is a package for doing marginal regression, a procedure designed to control for correlated observations. In addition to the software (available for DOS, Solaris, and Win9x/WinNT), you can also get information about the method itself.
Mathematical Software Archives at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville
This is a nice archive, featuring reviews of software, as well as interactive texts (e.g. Mathematica notebooks), and links to other resources.
This statistics package is aimed at biomedical researchers. Links are provided to documentation (in Word 6.0 format), and a demo version of the program.
Home page of Minitab statistical software. Includes the standard product information, technical support, software macros, etc. See their extensive list of companion textbooks for use with their software.
MIXOR/MIXREG home page
This is a series of packages for multi-level modeling written by Don Hedeker and Robert Gibbons. Packages include MIXREG for continuous responses, MIXPREG for multilevel Poisson regression, MIXOR for ordinal responses, MIXGSUR for multilevel survival analysis, and MIXNO for mixed-effects nominal logistic regression analysis. Packages are available for DOS and Windows. Software is free.
Modstat home page
This is a nice little package put together by Robert C. Knodt to fill a perceived void in the area of affordable statistics software. A small no-frills package that offers lots of standard tests, and has a very reasonable license fee. You can get a free month trial of the software by contacting the author.
Mx Home Page
This is a support page for the Mx software package, useful for statistics (particularly structural equation modeling) as well as general matrix algebra computations. Developed by Michael Neale.
NCSS Home Page
The home page of the statistical software package NCSS (Number Cruncher Statistical System). Includes link to freeware probability calculator for Windows, and a Freeware version of NCSS suitable for teaching or relatively simple data analysis.
The netlib server (maintained by AT&T and U. Tenn.) has lots of math and statistics routines.
NetMul home page
Interesting forms-based multivariate analysis system. Enter your data via a form (or upload via anonymous FTP), and select PCA, Correspondence Analysis, or Multiple correspondence analysis, and off you go! Results are computed online and returned to your browser. Based on the ADE-4 engine, which you can download as well.
This program uses computer-intensive methods (e.g. randomization tests) for nonparametric tests. Also gives a nice reading list on computer-intensive nonparametric methods and statistics in general.
PROPHET Software
This is a general purpose statistical software package, with an optional sequence analysis module. From NIH's National Center for Research Resources.
Quantitative Psychology Software
Instructional software from Five Bear Production. Offers multimedia instructional software on ANOVA, power analysis, partialling techniques, and the central limit theorem.
RSD Associates
This company provides software tools for design of experiments, statistical process control, measurement process evaluation, and multivariate modeling. Demos are due sometime in January, 1999.
Salford Systems
This company distributes the popular CART software, as well as the newer MARS package. The site also includes some useful whitepapers on the CART and MARS methods.
The SAS Institute
This server provides information on the SAS Institute and its products and services, including JMP for interactive data analysis. It even has a listing of job openings at the Institute. Good for SAS users. Allows access to files on their BBS.
SciTech: Software for Science
SciTech is a clearinghouse for all kinds of scientific software, from Astronomy to Chemistry to Social Sciences. They have a huge selection of commercial statistics software. I never knew there were so many packages available!
Provides information on (and demos of) SIMSTAT and MVSP (MultiVariate Statistical Program), as well as the special-purpose STATITEM (for item analysis), EASY FACTOR ANALYSIS, and BANNER programs.
SpaceStat is a program for spatial data analysis, developed at the Regional Research Institute at West Virginia University. Info on capabilities, platforms, and pricing can be found here, as well as online demos.
S-Plus Home Page
Brought to you by Mathsoft. Here you will find product information, consulting, and their newsletter, S-Press.
Yes, the makers of the very popular SPSS software package (and my current employers). This page gives info on their products, technical support, services, and publications.
Stata Home Page
This page gives info on the Stata stat package. You can get in-depth product information, tech support stuff for users, and a list of other statistical software companies. They also offer NetCourses in how to use their software.
This page supports the STATGRAPHICS package for Windows. Site includes obligatory product and contact information, tech support, and a snazzy Graphics Gallery. You can also get additional info on the program and training from the Statistical Graphics Corporation.
Statistical Solutions, Ltd.
This vendor of statistical software is located in Cork, Ireland. They still offer many of BMDP's pre-buyout packages.
This is a fantastic source of info--includes lots of datasets and code (xlispstat, R, BLSS, etc.), as well as info on ASA and IMS.
Stats Direct
A low-cost statistical package. Seems to have a slight biostatistics bent to it.
Statsoft, Inc.
From the makers of Statistica, this web page gives information, excerpts from review articles, and testimonials about their software. The front page is somewhat graphics-intensive, so be prepared to wait....
This is another nice package for converting files from one format to another. Lets you access those legacy data files and easily convert them for use with your current tool, or exchange data with your colleagues who may not use the same stats package that you do. A demo is available.
This long-time staple for Macintosh users is now available for Windows as well. The package is now supported by the SAS Institute.
Statware, Inc.
Home page of Statware, makers of the Statit series of graphical data analysis packages. Site offers the usual product descriptions, contact information, and an astonishing array of demos available for a wide variety of platforms--including several flavors of UNIX.
SUDAAN Home Page
"SUDAAN software is specifically designed for the analysis of clustered data arising in many applications, including complex sample surveys, randomized experiments, and epidemiologic studies."
Survey Analysis Software Summary
This is a nice resource from the Survey Research Methods Section of the ASA. Gives some comparative information on a variety of software packages for analyzing data with complex sampling schemes, and references to published review articles.
Survey System
This software is designed for, you guessed it, surveys. Handles survey research from questionnaire design to data entry. Add-on modules provide capabilities for multiple response variables, voice capture, and statistical analysis. Site also includes a simple sample size calculator.
This is former SPSS product, geared for scientific research, is now an independent entity once again.
This is a complete statistics package which offers easy integration with Microsoft Office (supports OLE/DDE). A demo is available which only works with the canned data sets provided. For Windows only.
Forrest Young's ViSta homepage. Vista is a GUI stats package based on the XLispStat engine. You can download it from here (it's free). Available for Mac, Windows, and Unix.
This is an Excel add-in that offers cool data visualization tools for Excel users. A demo is available. Made by Data Description, makers of DataDesk and ActivStats.
The home of WINKS, the Windows successor to KwikStat. The site includes the usual product descriptions and demos, as well as some useful tutorials and an online bookstore.
xlSTAT Home Page
Another Microsoft Office-friendly offering, here's a multivariate package that uses Microsoft Excel as it's engine. Shareware and Professional versions are available, as is a demo version.
This is a set of Excel notebooks designed for teaching and basic statistical analysis. Written by Rodney Carr at Deakin University Warrmanbool.

Other lists of links

ABCentral education links
A great collection of educational resources for a wide range of areas. Includes lists for Statistics and Mathematics. Maintained by Jack Inglis-Arkell.
A Guide to statistical computing resources on the Internet
This is Ken Varnum and Jon Weise's venerable list of statistics resources. Very nice, lots of links--put a bookmark here!
Rainer W�rl�nder's Home Page for Statisticians
A nice collection of references, including some German-language resources.
Institute of Statistics & Decision Sciences at Duke University
This is a huge list of links which puts my feeble efforts to shame. In particular they have lots of links to academic statistics departments. Well, perhaps someday I'll catch up to them...
Joel West's Statistical Methods page
Joel West provides a useful list of resources, including nice pages on Macintosh Statistics resources and Structural Equation Modeling.
Arnold Neumaier's Statistics Links
A nice list of links from the Computational Mathematics Group at the University of Vienna. Contains sections for the author's own work, philosophy, statistics guides, software libraries, links, software, data, bibliographies, conferences, and applications.
The Probability Web
This is a collection of links mainly focusing on probability resources, with some more general statistics links as well. There's plenty here to keep a statistician busy for a few spare hours....
Schoenfield's List of Data Archives
A valuable list of sources for data files.
Some Statistics Resources on the Web
A nice list maintained by Rob Hyndman at Monash University (Australia).
A list of useful statistics references aimed at astronomers. From the Astrostatistics Research Group at Penn State.
Statistics Education links
A nice annotated list of links related to or useful for statistics education.
Statistics Employers
Here is a specialized list offering help in finding a statistics-oriented job. Features job listing sites, companies that hire statisticians, and government agencies. By Jim Box at Duke University.
STAT-L Frequently Asked Questions
This is the FAQ file for the STAT-L mailing list (AKA sci.stat.consult on Usenet). It has some nice links, and some important info regarding use of the mailing list. Thanks to Steve Simon for putting it together, and to David Ronis for putting it on the web.
A nice list from Charlie Hallahan at the USDA. His index is a bit more detailed than mine.
This is a well-organized collection of links from around the web. Sites are listed by Academia, Data mining, and Stock market. There is also a useful library section, and a "lifestyle" section which seems to be only tangentially related to statistics.
A great resource, including sections on statistical software, publications, data mining, meetings, and university statistics departments.
The University of Wolverhampton
A nice collection of links, categorized by procedures (ANOVA, Discriminant Analysis, etc.).
Virtual Library--Statistics Page
This is a list of resources from the University of Florida. Most notable is its list of documents from statistics departments of universities worldwide.

Statisticians and other Statistical People

Here is a nice list of Greek statisticians worldwide

This list is maintained by Clay Helberg.